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We also have crossings from Pembroke to Rosslare with Irish Ferries.

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DUBLIN: This cosmopolitan city is full of atmosphere and inspiration. Pick a Dublin hotel on the trendy 'Left Bank' - Temple Bar - and soak up the atmosphere. Easily explored on foot, Dublin has beautiful Georgian buildings, a magnificent castle and Bewleys - the famous coffee shop, the place to head for when you need a break.

Find the quickest route and costs to Dublin and Rosslare from Holyhead or Pembroke.

Hotels in Dublin and the rest of Ireland

  • Jurys Inn Belfast *** 2 Days and 1 Night from only £39.50 Per Person
  • Jurys Inn Cork *** 2 Days, 1 Night from only £41 Per Person
  • Brooks Hotel **** 2 Days, 1 Night from only £70 Per Person

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